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Myoelectric Arm  for below Elbow Prosthesis

Recently I visited CSIR technofest 2010 showcased by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi, at India International Trade Fair in New Delhi, the Capital of India.  In this technofest, I have seen a technology  " Myoelectric Arm  for below Elbow Prosthesis" which was developed by CSIO (Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh) under the aegis of CSIR, New Delhi, India.

Now-a-days, with increase in accidents and machine calamities (in factories), people have below elbow amputations and they need some kind of prosthesis like Myoelectric Arm  for below Elbow Prosthesis.  Low cost prosthesis is not able to perform effective movements.  Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh has developed much low cost prosthesis called ‘Myoelectric Arm  for below Elbow Prosthesis' for the requirements of needy people.

Myoelectric arm is an artificial arm meant to provide rehabilitation to arm amputees at affordable cost. It looks and works like a natural arm.

When a person performs the action of opening or closing his hand, the muscles of his arm (residual stump for amputee) generate an electric potential.  The muscles generating maximum signal are identified and a set of electrodes pick up this signal.  After electronic processing, a motor is driven to close or open the hand.

The arm consists of two parts – mechanical assembly and electronic circuitry.  Mechanical parts comprise of grouping fingers, palm, wrist and lower portion of upper limb.  Electronics involves sensor electrodes, circuitry to process the myoelectric signal and a DC motor for opening and closing the hand.  A body colored glove provides the cosmetic appeal to the entire set up.

This prosthesis weight is 1.2 to 1.7 Kg (maximum), Operating voltage is 7.2 V.

Features of this myoelectric arm below elbow prosthesis

  • Microcontroller based operation
  • Intelligent Prosthesis with variable hand speed setting according to user's performance
  • Variable grip force on the object depending on its weight.

This is a boon to the needy people who are in armed forces, civilians and local industries.

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Myoelectric Arm for below Elbow Prosthesis - CSIR - CSIO Technology

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This article was published on 2010/12/12